From Automatic Savings To Automatic Rewards

Starting today, any dollar that you leave in your Digit account for three months will be rewarded with a bonus.

You can text Digit “Plus” anytime to see when your next bonus will be and also check the total amount of bonueses you received on your dashboard.

How does it work?

Every week, Digit will analyze your account and look for any savings that you haven’t touched for three months. You’ll get 5 cents for every $100 saved.

When you receive a bonus, we’ll text you — you can choose to add the money to your Digit savings account or get it as a gift card. After all, bonuses should be fun!

But remember — it only works if you hold on to your savings. Our goal is to save money for you, so we’re rewarding your savings habit with a bonus. Keep saving, keep your savings, and enjoy the rewards.