Moving Fast and Fixing Things

One question we hear a lot from customers is “why do transfers take so long to complete?” And the truth is, we've always thought it should be faster too. It's simply been a certain way for so long that a lot of people kind of accepted it. Now, we're not the first to think things should, and could, change. But we felt like there was still a lot of room for improvement and decided to do something about it — in a joint effort with a couple of the country's largest, most established banks.

Now all Digit transactions with Chase and Wells Fargo on business days before 6pm ET — automatic and manual, saves and withdrawals — will process fully the same day. Often, within just a few hours. And that means our customers who bank with them can move money where they want when they want, whether that's back in their hands or safely put away in their Digit savings. The way it should be.

Working with some of the biggest names in banking to change industry processes is a special milestone for us. It shows what's possible when start-ups and stalwarts join forces for the good of their customers. We can't wait to extend same-day transfers to additional banks, and we'll continue looking for new partnership opportunities that make it possible. Because when it comes to making personal finance fast, frictionless, and feel-good, we're all in it together.