It's Your Money, and You Need it Now!

When you're in a pinch, your savings can seem awfully far away. Like when those unexpected bills pop up. Or a tire on your car pops right off. You can't plan for those kind of surprises, but we've heard getting your savings faster would make a huge difference.

So here's a good kind of surprise: Instant withdrawals are now available for Digit.

You'll be able to get your savings from Digit to your checking account in 30 minutes or less, for 99¢ (most of the time it'll arrive in seconds). The fee is the same regardless of how much you take out, and you can do it as often as you like.

Update to the latest version of the app and tap “instant” on your next withdrawal to give it a try.

We're starting to roll out instant withdrawals for users at eligible banks. That covers about 70 percent of our customers. If you don't see the option available when you update your app, stay tuned. We're rolling this feature out over the next three weeks.

One last thing — standard withdrawals (1-3 days) aren't going anywhere. You can still get your savings from Digit anytime at no additional cost.