Introducing Instant Overdraft Prevention

Overdraft fees can hit at the worst possible times — when you’re already stretched thin, saving for an essential payment, or waiting for payday. Digit customers avoid all that with Overdraft Prevention, which puts funds back in your account when you need them most. And it just got a major upgrade — instant transfers.

Now if your checking account is low, money from your Digit savings arrives in seconds at no additional cost. With Instant Overdraft Prevention, you set your safe level and you're done. If a withdrawal or charge takes you below your safe amount, you’ll have funds from your Rainy Day savings right away.

The Details:

  • Overdraft Prevention is now instant for eligible customers: Set Up Overdraft Prevention
  • There’s no additional cost — Instant Overdraft Prevention is part of your subscription.
  • You’re eligible if your bank supports instant withdrawals.

Overdraft Prevention already helps customers avoid an average of two overdraft fees per year. With this update we expect that number to go up — fast. Speed is key when your balance is low, and Instant Overdraft Prevention is an extremely quick step in the right direction.