Digit Now Helps Pay Off Student Loans

Digit’s new Student Loan payments feature helps you pay down your student debt faster and easier. By simply creating a new Student Loan goal or upgrading your existing one, you’ll be at the head of the class. Like any other goal, Digit will automatically save the right amount. The best part? Digit also automatically makes additional payments directly to your loan provider.

“Digit recently sent $35 to my student loans, and it will soon pay another $45. If I didn’t have the app, I would only be paying the minimum.” - Diony'a, Digit Member

The average American college grad with student loans has over $20,000 in student debt, which takes over 21 years to pay off. That’s long enough for someone to go from being born to graduating college in the first place! More than a quarter of Digit members have outstanding student loans, and figuring out how to get out of debt faster can be tedious. After all those years hitting the books, you shouldn't have to study hard to figure out how to optimally get out of debt.

So, give Digit’s Student Loan payments a try. Once activated, Digit will automatically save and make additional payments on top of the minimums you’re already paying on your own.

About Student Loan payments

  • To activate Student Loan payments, create a student loan goal and connect your loan account to Digit.
  • Already saving for your student loans with Digit? Tap the goal and enable additional payments.
  • We’re currently supporting top loan providers like Navient, Great Lakes, Nelnet, Fedloans, American Education Services, and more.

Even thinking about student loans can be stressful, so enable Student Loan payments and let Digit handle the heavy lifting. You can cram a couple decades of student loan payments into a much shorter time frame, all without thinking about it.

Today, Digit helps you save, prevent overdrafts, and pay down your credit card and student loan debt. We’re looking forward to launching additional features that continue to help improve your financial health.