In Times of Uncertainty, You Can Always Count on Digit

Hi Digit Members,

With the current coronavirus pandemic, these are difficult and unnerving times. If you remember, when you signed up for Digit, the first thing we did together was make a rainy day fund. Whether you realized it or not, that crucial first step you took was for times just like these. And no matter your situation, Digit is fully prepared to continue helping you protect and secure your financial future.

Here are some of the ways we’ll get through this together:

  1. Your money is safe with Digit. All your Digit savings are FDIC-insured up to $250,000. And because you’re saving with us, not investing, your money doesn’t fluctuate with the stock market. Plus, you have overdraft prevention for an extra level of security.
  2. Digit is always working for you. We’re still saving for you and making payments to your credit card, student loan, and phone bills, if set up. And we're constantly monitoring your finances, so we can always save the right amount for you. You can make any account changes here, and remember you can boost, pause, set daily limits, or withdraw your money anytime.
  3. We’ll keep you informed. Digit will continue sending you checking balance updates so you can stay on top of your money. We’re also looking for new ways to support you in this difficult time and will update you as soon as we have more information.

If there are any questions you have about your money (or anything else really), email us at and we’ll be in touch.

At Digit, we like to say that no matter what, we’re all in it for the journey. In these uncertain times, we’re here for you on your journey towards financial health now, more than ever.


Ethan Bloch, Digit CEO, and the whole Digit Team