Announcing: simple, powerful investing and retirement for all with Digit

Digit’s worked hard to make financial health effortless for everyone. We've helped members automatically save $5 billion and pay down over $150 million in debt. But a big part of financial health is investing and planning for retirement so you can have a brighter future. Unfortunately, financial tools haven't made investing easy enough for many Americans. That's where Digit comes in.

Now Digit can help you invest to reach your long-term goals, like buying your first home or retiring sooner. Even better, investing with Digit is effortless and works on any budget. Plus, it’s included in your Digit membership at no extra charge.

We set out to create an automated investing tool that actually worked for everyone, because according to a Gallup poll, only about half of Americans own stock. That number drops to 19% for Americans making under $35k a year (Pew Research). That's why we took a long look at the biggest problems with investing right now.

Problems with today's investing tools

  1. They work best with predictable disposable income. That's likely to exclude many Americans, especially now, as Gallup shows 28% of Americans fear a reduction in pay.
  2. They don't consider people's full financial picture. Investing tools don't know what you can afford to invest and don't look at other goals like reducing debt.
  3. They feel too complicated for first-time investors. 46% of Americans aren’t investing because they don’t know enough to get started (AssetMark). What's worse, new investors have to figure out the right amount to invest on their own.

How investing with Digit is different

Digit's algorithm makes investing unbelievably easy. Digit analyzes your income and spending patterns, looks at all your goals, and then intelligently moves money to your Retirement and/or Investing accounts automatically. Investing with Digit doesn't require you to have predictable disposable income. Even if your income goes up or down—Digit will always make the right choices for you, whether you can chip in a few dollars or a lot more.

This flexibility matters more than ever now. Even if your income is uncertain, you want to move towards your retirement and investing goals. Digit's algorithm makes sure you're always improving your financial health in a way that's right for you. And unlike other investing tools, Digit looks at your larger financial picture so that you can make real progress on all your financial goals at once. Digit members paying off credit cards made extra payments of nearly $90 a month while investing over $50 a month at the same time.

Even for Digit members making less than $12,000 a year, Digit still found an average of $20 a month to invest. Even small amounts like that can add up over time. And for members in the highest income bracket, Digit automatically invested over $130 a month.

Best of all, even for first-time investors, investing and retirement with Digit is amazingly simple.

How to invest with Digit

For Investing, just make a long term goal for your investment account and answer one question. Digit will match you with a conservative, moderate, or aggressive portfolio of expertly diversified ETFs. Then Digit gets to work, setting aside what you can afford and invests that money directly into your portfolio every few days.

For Retirement, Digit matches you with a Roth or Traditional IRA based on your income and picks a diversified portfolio based on your age. Digit puts money aside for you and invests it in your retirement every month—automatically. To bring you these simple and powerful investing opportunities, Digit’s partnered with DriveWealth, a registered broker-dealer and member of FINRA and SIPC.

Everyone deserves access to affordable financial health tools to reach their goals, and that includes investing. That’s why we’re including these powerful investing and retirement tools in Digit's membership for no extra charge.

Want to see how Digit can help you reach your retirement and investing goals effortlessly? Sign up for Digit and start working towards your brighter future.