From worry to ease: How Digit can work for you and your money

Whether you’re getting a jumpstart on retirement or saving money for the first time, driving on the road to financial health can be a bumpy journey. Up until recently, you had to manage your bills, wants, and future needs all at the same time. With Digit’s features, planning for it all has never been easier.

Unlimited Savings Goals

Saving for multiple things is hard to keep track of. With automated savings goals, Digit can analyze your bills and income to set aside the perfect amount for everything you want and need. Whether it’s a rainy day fund, your wedding, school tuition, Digit saves for it all without a second thought on your part. Set it, forget it, and watch your savings grow.

Debt Reduction

Debt is like bad weather for your financial health. Digit can clear this up with automated payments towards your student loan and credit cards. So far, our members have paid down over $150 million of debt with Digit. Clear skies are in your financial forecast!

Long-Term Wealth

A majority of first-time investors feel that they don’t have the money or knowledge to invest. Digit helps eliminate this hurdle by making investing as simple as saving for a new pair of shoes. Digit looks at your needs and sets aside money for long term investments in a way you can afford. It’s as easy as that.


This is all great, but how can you make Digit work if your income isn’t consistent? What if you want more control? Digit offers handy guardrails that allow you to have the best of both worlds: peace of mind and savings. Here’s how:

  • Overdraft Prevention: If you’ve ever in a pinch and at risk of getting hit with overdraft fees, Digit can kick in and save the day. Simply set a threshold checking balance and Digit will send savings to help you avoid those fees.
  • Safe Saving Level: You can ensure that Digit doesn’t try to save below a comfortable checking balance. This will give you more peace of mind so Digit can do all the worrying for you.
  • Max Daily Save: If you love the idea of saving automatically, but want to have a bit more control, you can set a maximum daily save limit. With this setting turned on, Digit will never try to save more than you’re comfortable with.
  • Pause: Life happens, we get it. If you need a quick break from saving for any reason, simply text Digit “pause” and savings will be stopped for up to 60 days at a time.

Gone are the days you have to break out the calculator and find the money to put away for everything that’s important. With Digit’s savings tools, you can have the best of all worlds: peace of mind, savings, and preparation for the future. Start with Digit today.