Digit Gets A Dashboard

July 24, 2014

Ever thought, “I love the text messages that digit sends me but wish I could see something a bit more visual”? Well now you can with our newly shipped dashboard!

Go ahead and sign into your account to check it out.

From the dashboard you’ll see your current savings balance and complete savings history, as well as some highlights about how digit has been handling your money.


We wanted to provide some basic statistical data to illustrate how digit has been saving for you. So, we added highlights. Seeing the total dollars that digit has ever saved for you really drives home how easy saving can be when put on auto-pilot.


If you scroll down a bit, you’ll also see a refresher on all of digit’s basic commands. Fun challenge: have you discovered any of our hidden commands yet?


At the bottom of the dashboard, there’s now an account management section. You can change your basic account information (name, email and phone number), disconnect your checking account or close your digit account entirely, if needed. Stay tuned for more options that give you control over your digit experience!

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